Lessons Plans

Lesson Plan helps teachers to plan their lessons that they need to teach in Classroom.

A lesson is a teacher's detailed description of the course of instruction for an individual lesson. Using School Solution, teachers can prepare lesson depending on the interest and needs of students. It will incorporate the best practices for the educational field. A lesson co-relates with the teacher's philosophy of education. As students' minds are young, ready to absorb anything taught to them, it is essential that they learn right things at right time in a right plan. Lesson is a package of interactive/ digital objects such as Animation, Video, Audio, Documents, etc. Lesson preparation makes teaching interesting and valuable. This unique feature will have recommended lessons. Teachers can edit the lessons or create own lessons.

Lesson Plan helps better understanding of subject. Plan can include Activities and Tests.

Open Page

Interactive Book is a flexible, content rich, platform that offers the reader the normal book-reading feel. The Interactive Books enables students to experience the content in depth, with learning objects the courseware. Interactive Books contain rich 3D content overlaid on the page to enhance the learning experience.

Teachers can hotspot a learning object form their resource repository and launch content objects in classroom to enhance the learning experience

Interactive Books makes content available in an organized and structured manner

Can create Notes, Web links, highlight required contents, write on the book and save the updates. This helps as a reference point for later use.

Assessment management
Asset Publish Management System is used to Manage Learning Objects to Teachers. Using APMS, SME can Author Recommended Activities, Questions, Projects and Learning Objects to Teachers.
Online and Offline synch
This is the robust feature which allows school group admin to create and control subscription and licencing for pilot schools. Schools are created on Central server and same will be synched to pilots. Synching of schools from Central server can be done with and without network. Assets created for school in central server is synched to Pilot servers and assets created on pilot school servers is synched back to Central server thus making data more secured and available all time. Users within the school network will be accessing the data from school server and whenever they are out of school network, they can still access the data, as same data resides in Central server.
MyBag- Student Mobile App
Using My Bag tablet application student will be empowered to access and learn through the Books (Interactive), Assignments, Tests, Lab Activities, Workbook and Lessons, and the teacher will be aided to respond to the student queries, assign the items, and mark student submissions easily. The application will also have a web solution for Teachers, Parents and Principal, which enables the users to perform planning, assigning, tracking and monitoring. The application built for this scope is simple, intuitive and easy to use and work on both offline and online mode. Tablet solution supports both Android and IOS platforms. Goal of My Bag feature is to enable everyday activities of student and teacher real time rather; they work far on the web application only when they are in the lab or at home. Application allows users to use the LMS offline, when they are on the go, and synchronize the work done when they are back within network coverage. The access is not just restricted to the Wifi network, but is accessible over the Mobile network as well.
MyClass-Teacher Mobile App
Using My Class teacher app, Teacher can access all the functional features that are available on web version. My Class offers teacher to have complete control over on-going class with integrated feature called Class connect. Using MyClass, teacher can assign tests, activities, Homeworks and lab activities which is synched to student My bag mobile app. Offline access of the app makes teacher to view the reports, student submission, grade submission and synch the same whenever there is a network connectivity. Teacher access to Open page and My smart school content makes teaching more comfortable and interesting.
Project maker
Project maker tool allows students to work collaboratively to complete the assigned task. The projects provided as part of the solution are cross-curricular. The students will be assigned with some roles to execute with respect to the project, which also helps to bring out the hidden skills like team work, project management and discussion, etc.
Monitoring and Evaluation
The solution offers exhaustive reports for tracking, progress, summary, continuous evaluation, usage, and remedy.
Activity Planning and Management
Activities may include a quantity or period of reading to be performed, writing or typing to be completed, problems to be solved, a school project to be built or other skills to be practiced. Teacher can assign Field work, Project work, Class work, Home work, Learning plan and Work sheet as part of the Activity. Teachers can use the lab activities as part of solution to conduct Collaborative labs, which makes better understanding of concepts for students.
About Excelsoft

Excel soft is a provider of innovative technology-based solutions in the education and training space. We architect, design and develop large technology solutions and digital content for some of the best-known organizations, worldwide. Excelsoft's suite of enterprise applications includes SARAS Virtual Learning Management System, SARAS Assessment Management System, SARAS Learning Space, Higher Education & Corporate.

Excelsoft's suite of applications is architected to deliver a flexible, customizable, and seamlessly integrated operating environment for e-Education. SARAS – e-learning solutions framework and the product suite developed around it has successfully penetrated the international markets in corporations, universities and schools, publishers, e-learning portals and governments.

About K-12Saras
SARAS – e-Learning technology solutions framework and the product suite developed around it provides a complete infrastructure for technology enabled learning.
K-12 Solution facilitates lesson planning, activity based learning, in-class lesson delivery, homework and assignment management, learning community creation and management, student performance management and many other such features and functionality. K-12 Solution enables stakeholders such as teachers, students, school management and parents effectively collaborate to deliver better efficiency and achieve higher results.

Capacity planning / infrastructure sizing is an important step for implementation any software project. We have deployed our Technology solution which has been tested internationally for its engineering design and performance.

Solution 1

Hosted by Excelsoft in Cloud

Cloud computing provides computation, software, data access, and storage services that do not require end-user knowledge of the physical location and configuration of the system that delivers the services. When Project Maker application is hosted in cloud infrastructure, the users will be able to access the application from inside or outside the school premises using internet. This model offers excellent infrastructure agility, reliability, scalability, performance and security.

Solution 2

Hosted by school (Server, Public IP, Domain Name will be provided by school)

The Project Maker application is hosted in the Server having public IP/DNS name and managed by school IT infrastructure team. The users will be able to access the application from inside (using LAN) or outside (using internet) the school.

Solution 3

LAN based – Hosted inside the school (Accessible only in school)

Project Maker solution will be deployed & configured on a server which is either provided by a school or as a boxed solution provided by Excelsoft. The solution can be accessed / used within the school LAN environment only.


Benefits for the Teacher

Mapped to the curriculum

All the project themes are mapped to the curriculum. The themes selected span across CBSE, ICSE, IB, IGCSE as well as state boards. The projects are dealt in a holistic manner in order to give the students an in-depth understanding of the theme from various perspectives.

Cross-Curricular, hence reduces teacher workload

The project activities in every theme are interdisciplinary. This drastically reduces the burden on a single teacher who has to monitor an entire class for doing projects. The monitoring teachers provide scaffolding to students to complete the project.

Easy implementation through tailor-made activities

Every project deals with a theme which is transacted in an interdisciplinary manner through various activities. These activities are described in detail and are coupled with broad procedures. The lucid description of every activity removes ambiguity.

Ready to use rubrics for objective assessment

There are well-defined rubrics which are aligned to the CCE. These rubrics span across scholastic and co-scholastic areas. There is scope to evaluate the student both at an individual level and at a Group level. The rubrics could be modified by the teacher based on their specific need. Since monitoring teachers use the same yardstick for assessment, there is an objective assessment.

Benefits for Students

Explore, investigate, and construct knowledge in collaboration The activities in every project are such that the students are geared to explore, investigate, research and find information. This is to be done at both the individual as well as in the group level. Students thus construct knowledge through the process of analysis, synthesis, evaluation and creativity both individually as well as in a group. This reflects cognitive as well as social constructivism.

Foster creativity & Research Skills

The students have to look beyond the text book as a resource for learning. They thus need to explore, research, investigate, and evaluate the data gathered. The analysis and synthesis of data to create a meaningful piece of information thus helps in fostering creativity and honing research skills.

Promotes Self-learning

Self- learning is promoted as the students get to look at a particular project theme in detail with the help of related project activities. Students also construct knowledge through exploration, investigation and reflection on the data gathered. They learn not only the nuances of the project but also to respect the differences among them. They learn to cooperate and collaborate in learning.

Fosters a Sense of Ownership & Pride in Work

As every student's contribution is essential for the successful completion of the project, it helps to promote a sense of ownership in students. The onus of successful completion of the project and displaying it through the publishing of a newspaper lies on every student's individual shoulders. This also motivates them to contribute to the successful completion of the project. They exhibit pride in work as they own their newspaper which can also be distributed to the parent community or exhibited in the school.


LearnActiv Events
At the core of ESS solutions are LearnActiv learning events. The events are an in-depth investigation of real world issues and are an extension and application of topics taught in the classroom. These events are based on themes, topic or current happenings. Each event spans 2-4 hours and can be implemented during or post school hours. Created across grades, the topics are interdisciplinary and exploratory in nature. They thoroughly engage and ingrain a concept in the mind of a student with a mix of engaging content, observation and activities. The themes for the events are based around but not restricted to Mathematics, Life Science, Physical Science, Environmental Science, Earth Science and Space Science.
Great Plant Hunt
To mark the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, UK conceived the Great Plant Hunt, commissioned and funded by Excelsoft in India and the Wellcome Trust in the UK. This exciting project will encourage children to explore the natural world around them and join other schools in the biggest ever school science project. A complete kit and supplementary workbooks are provided to schools. The projects, available for grades 1-7, enable students to explore local environment; understand, analyze and compare habitats, seeds, growth conditions and adaptations; analyze plant life cycle, germination patterns and biodiversity, and prepare a herbarium.
Teacher Training
The teacher is the backbone of the school as the learning experience of students evolves through her/him. The teacher plays a vital role in helping the student learn how to learn, and in making learning meaningful, joyful and life-long. It is therefore imperative for the teacher to be a life- long learner and a reflective practitioner. The teacher training envisaged by ESS aims to support the teacher in this endeavor. With an expert team of certified teacher-educators, ESS provides professional development modules in developmental theories, learning theories, soft skills, methods/approaches of teaching, assessment, and ICT in Education. ESS also offers training in pre-school teaching methodology as well as in using its K-12 Solutions.
School Audits and Consultancy

In the recent years the focus has been on the quality of education that students receive. Thus accreditation is emerging as a national phenomenon with many state and national education boards encouraging their affiliated schools to get assessed and accredited.

Institutional excellence cannot be achieved by focusing only on some parts (for example student performance). Achieving excellence is the result of high performance in every aspect of an institution’s activities, be it school governance, resource management, community relationships etc.

Excelsoft’s consulting team helps schools attain defined quality standards by providing step-by-step guidance and interventions to raise quality upto the prescribed standards.

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