Administer privileges

Administer privileges for all the users of the application.


Create, edit, and delete schools.

Monitor schools

Monitor all the school activities at one place.


Create, edit, and delete users of the school.

Class-section mapping.

Map users to different class and sections.

Tag Unit plans.

Tag unit plans to users of different classes and sections.

Performance monitoring.

Monitor the performance of users all students and teachers.

Admin - Group.

Create school level groups from different class sections for learning and curricular activities.

Impart teaching

Preparatory training and instruction methodologies.


Learning through videos and digital resources.


Facilitate learning through lesson plans and question bank.

Remedial Learning.

Create pre-tests based on the lessons that students need to study.

Rubric Management.

Make subjective assessments and evaluate.

Manage Assignments.

Upload assignments and review it.

Manage Test and Assessment.

Assign tests based on the lessons and assess the class performance by tagging to unit plans.

Share assets.

Create and share the assets with the class.


Monitor students' performance using exhaustive reports.

Digitized Open Page content.

Hotspot learning objects from your resource repository and launch content objects in class room.

Lesson Planning.

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Unit Plans.

Create and manage unit plans.

Manage Groups.

create student groups based on skill set of the class and improve weaker areas so as to maintain the overall class performance.


Download, complete, and upload your assignments back again.

Open Page.

Create notes and weblinks, write on the book and save it for later reference.

Performance Reports.

View your performance in tests real-time, and take remedial action.

Child's information.

Have all information about your wards at your fingertips

Open Page.

View content available in a structured and organized manner.

Perform activities.

Select your child and view details like attendance, performance, timetable, fees, and transportation

Performance Reports.

Monitor ward performace using reports.

K12 Solution Ecosystem

Open Page Books
online and offline synch
Lesson Planning and Delivery
Assignment & Homework Management
Activity Planning & Management
School Management System
Parent Portal
Student Performance Management
Message Center
Collaboration Projects (team-based) News Makers
Tutoring System
Learning Community
Rubric Management


  • Enriched experience with multi layered interactivity.
  • Higher interest levels.
  • Better retention.
  • Better visualization and understanding through multimedia, 3D, animation, multi-touch interactivity, etc.
  • All books, notebooks and worksheets in a tab, reducing burden of heavy backpacks.
  • Educational gaming applications: making education more fun through experiential learning.
  • Increases the delivery options for teachers.
  • Assists the teacher in enriching the learning experience .
  • Smarter assessments reduce paperwork and cuts down effort in preparing performance reports.
  • Helps manage e-portfolios and student profiles .
  • A new way of learning for the future generation.
  • Keeping up pace with the global trends.
  • Using technology effectively for enhanced learning .
  • Enhancing knowledge through animation and graphic representation. Peer educational platforms.

Unified K12 Solutions

  • Mystudy - Convenient and Flexible Learning anywhere anytime

    “Mystudy” is a mobile platform where learning can be delivered in a systematic and instructional way.

  • Project Maker - Work collaboratively.

    Project Maker helps students to collaboratively work on cross-curricular projects to complete the assigned task.

  • My Class ( Teacher App ) - Whole class at one place.

    An application for teachers where all information about the class is available at a single place. They can view reports, assign activities, and review activity submissions.

  • My Bag - A bag in a bag.

    An intuitive and easy to use tablet application that students and teachers can use on a real time basis, in both offline and online mode.

  • Open Page - Feels like reading a book.

    A rich, content-filled platform offering a normal book reading feel, complete with hotspot marking, reading and writing, and creation of notes and weblinks.



"We were pleased when we came to know that Repro India ltd has chosen our school in the trinity for launching the tablet education and kudos to the team for their effort which helped us to orient and bring the new technology and innovative ways of learning inside the classroom. The training and assistance is outstanding and this technology has become an integral component of learning in our school".
"Repro has always tried to offer the best to our students at Ropar so that they can not only compete with their peers across the country but all over the world. Thanks Rapples for bringing this powerful solution to our school and enabling us to offer the best to our students."
"Rapples is offering enhanced ebooks featuring images, video and audio. An assignment given by the teacher to explore, research about Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam or Archimedes is available with the tap of a finger anytime. Instant feedback of assessment through Rapples is another significant outcome. It is an innovative, cutting-edge digital educational tool to improve teaching learning process. Education through Rapples seems to be the inimitable solution not for future but for today".

Saras K12 Solution applied Schools

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